Safes & Locks

Safes & Locks

Protecting Your Property


We carry a full line of safes, including fire safes, burglary safes, and "composite safes," which have a combination of burglary and fire protection. Choosing the right safe for your requirements is fairly simple.

Of course, the interior size will depend on your specific needs, but you should also contact your insurance company to make sure the items are covered under your insurance policy in the manner in which they are stored. Fire safes are great for protecting items such as photo albums, computer media, and paper documents.

Having a fire/burglary safe at home is much more convenient than visiting a safety deposit box at a bank, but you must also realize that it will be vulnerable to attack during a break-in. Having a safe bolted down to the cement floor of a home basement is always a good idea.

In a fire situation, the safe will not have any heat coming from underneath, whereas a safe on the second or third floor of a wooden structure will not only have heat issues but the potential for falling during the collapse of the building.

Below are links to the websites of some of the suppliers that we use. Please do not hesitate to call us for pricing and delivery quotes.

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Locking Systems

ASSA, Inc. High Security Locking Systems and Electronic Access Control

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